Cover Letter Format For Australian Market

Cover Letter

While applying for a job, your cover letter is as important as your resume. Your cover letter should clearly demonstrate why you are interested in the particular job and why you are the perfect fit for the job.

Some guidelines for your cover letter :

Specific: Your cover letter should be specific to the job you are applying for. Don’t write a generic cover letter for all the jobs you are applying for.

Relevant: You don’t need to describe all the things you have done in the past but read the job description carefully and demonstrate that you have required skills to do the job you are applying for. Give some examples of how you have utilized your skills.

If you have ten great skills but those skills are not transferable and relevant to the job you are applying for then it’s of new use for the employer.

Keep it to one page and three to four paragraphs: Purpose of cover letter is to describe why you are the perfect fit and get hiring manager interested in reading your resume. If cover letter is too long then hiring manager will loose interest in reading complete letter and wouldn’t even read your resume so keep it short.

Do not summarize your resume in cover letter: Don’t cut copy paste your resume in to cover letter.

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