Job Search In Australia

Job Search

Finding a job in Australia as a new migrant can be tricky because Australian employers prefer local experience.

If you have right strategy in place and you clearly demonstrate your offerings through resume and cover letter then your job searching can be much more easier.

  • Prepare LinkedIn profile :

Recruiters and Employers now a days check LinkedIn profile of the candidates who are seeking for the job so make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date .

Try to make your LinkedIn profile different from your resume. Click here for tips on what you can do with your LinkedIn profile.

Start connecting with people through linkedin before you move to Australia. Linkedin can get recruiters to find you before even you approach them.

  • Start looking at job advertisements to understand the local skill requirements :

If you start looking at job advertisements before you move to Australia then you can either develop your skills or prepare to tailor your resume accordingly. Sometimes same skill or work profile might have been advertised using different name so it is important to get familiarised with Australian terminology and convert you skills and experience accordingly.

  •  Don’t limit your job search to recruiters only : 

Below is the list of website for your job search but don’t limit your search to recruiters and these websites only.Try new approaches for your job search. Start visiting websites of employers directly .Check for the top employers in Australia and also to check the reviews here. You can short-list the companies you would like to work for but also be flexible if some other companies approach you.You can also use linked in to get in touch with hiring managers.

         Websites for job search : :  Seek is the leading website for the job search in Australia. This is run by government and free for Employers. : This is usually not for the big companies but you can try your luck.

  • Improve your communication skills

General feedback from the employers and hiring managers is that the communication skills of Indian job seekers are not great, so try to improve your communication skills. It will also give you confidence. Due to the difference in Indian and Australian accent ,it’s hard for Australians to understand Indian accent so try not to speak fast. This gives others some time to grasp what you are speaking.

  • Network :

Get out of your comfort zone and start networking. Approximately 60%-70% of the jobs are not advertised so networking is the key to get information about the jobs.

Check meetups related to your profession and start attending their events. If you think subject of the event is not completely related to you but relevant to your domain then also try going for these events to learn new subjects and network with people. This will also give you an idea of what’s happening in Australian marketplace. Don’t underestimate the power of networking, always one thing leads to another. Find out more information on social and professional networking groups here.

Join linked in groups like below for jobs and new immigrants :

  • Indians In Australia
  • Moving to Australia
  • IT Professionals in ANZ from overseas

Also register for the job alerts for the companies like common wealth bank,ANZ,NAB, Telstra, OPTUS, Westpack etc.


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