Resume Guide For Australian Market

ResumeResume is the first step in getting noticed during your job search. Hiring managers spend anywhere between 6 to 30 seconds on every resume and you need to make sure that you give them exact and precise information about you to make their decision quicker and easier.

However good experience you have, it will not get you an interview call if you don’t put your experience properly in your resume. So make sure you put in appropriate efforts to build your resume.

Some guidelines to write your resume and cover letter for Australian market:

Font: Keep the same font type and size for both your cover letter and resume.
Use easily readable font size of 11 points – times new roman, Aerial or Calibri. Don’t use fancy and smaller than 11 points fonts.

Personal details: Details like photo, date of birth, marital status and gender etc. are not required.

Length of the resume: If you are entry level then one page resume is enough but if you have eight to ten years of experience then your resume can be two pages.
Candidates argue that how can they fit eight to ten years of experience in two pages but if you target your contents and avoid mentioning redundant responsibilities then resume fits in to two pages.

Hiring managers spend no more than 20-30 seconds on each resume so quality matters not the quantity.

Hiring managers will spend few seconds in scanning your resume before deciding whether to read ahead or put it in to no-pile.

Hence, the top section of your resume is very important to grab the attention of hiring managers.

Writing a top section of your resume

Writing experience section of your resume

Check here  to see what what to avoid while writing resume


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