Writing experience section of your resume


Writing Experience Section Of Resume

  • Make a list: To begin with your resume preparation list down responsibilities you had in your previous roles and what did you accomplish in your role.
  • Remove irrelevant information: Target your skills, responsibilities and accomplishments for the role you are applying for. Remove responsibilities and accomplishments which are insignificant and irrelevant to job you are seeking.
  • Convert duties and responsibilities in to accomplishments : Writing duties and responsibilities from the previous roles will not make you stand out in the job market. Hiring managers are interested in knowing what skills and value add you will bring to the organisation.Put more emphasis on your accomplishment, achievements and back this up with the examples.


Simple statement:

Implemented test automation.

 Result oriented statement:

Implemented test automation to reduce manual testing efforts by 30% leading to fast project delivery.

  • Measurable :Always try to explain results which can be measured. Measurable outcomes and numbers will give more professional look to your resume.


Simple statement:

Responsible for on time delivery of ABC project.

 Result oriented statement:

Delivered ABC project on time and 15% below budget.

  • Use combination of bullets and paragraphs:

For each role, give a brief description of your responsibilities and then create bullet points for your accomplishments.

If you have overseas experiences then provide overview of the organisation you worked for and don’t spend more than two lines on this information.


XYZ Company – India


Project Manager


Managed end to end delivery of a project worth 5m+. Responsible for project planning, resource planning, budget tracking and requirement prioritizing. Major projects include – Online banking for ABC Bank, Paperless credit card statement for ABC bank – USA, Loan origination system for ABC bank – UK.-        Delivered project for Loan Origination System on time and 15% below budget.

–        Recommended and implemented test automation to reduce manual testing efforts by 30% leading to fast project delivery.

–        Effectively facilitated Steering Committee and Project Working group meetings with business and IT stakeholders.

–        Automated migration process by reducing manual intervention and approval cycle which also reduced implementation

time from seven days to two days.

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