Money Transfer To India From Australia

International Money Transfer

You search for service to transfer money to India from Australia stops here ,we have come up with a comprehensive list of international money transfer services for you.

State Bank Of India is first on our list because this is the only bank which gives you guarantee of currency rate before transferring the money.  Also usually rate from SBI is better than any other international money transfer service. Whenever Australian dollar is up you can transfer the money and although money gets transferred in 2-3 days ,you get the same currency rate which was committed to you while transferring the money.

With other banks there is uncertainty of what currency rate you will get.

You can transfer money from any Australian bank

If you have SBI NRE account then most of the time it takes one working day to get your money deposited in your Indian account but give a lead time of 2 working days. If it’s non SBI account then it takes 3-4 working days to get your money deposited in to Indian account.

SBI charges you $10 to transfer money up to AUD 10,000.

You can transfer money online on in person.  Click here for more information on their service.

Axis bank guarantees online money transfer in two days.

They provide variety of services :

AxisRemit Online (Online Money Transfer) : Axis bank guarantees online money transfer in two days.You can transfer it from any Australian bank to any Indian Bank.

Xpress Money : You don’t need to hold an account with AXIS bank. You can visit any AXIS bank in India and collect the money.

Wire Transfer : This needs an AXIS bank account in India but you can transfer it through other Australian bank to you AXIS account in India.

MoneyGram : This facility transfers money within 10 minutes. Click here for more details and restriction on transferring money through this service.

Click here to find about more international money transfer services from AXIS bank.

HDFC gives facility of wire transfer and Funds Transfer through Cheques / Demand Drafts / Traveller’s Cheques.

HDFC gives a guarantee of transferring money in 24 hours if you choose wire transfer . Other services take more than two days.

Click here for compassion of their international money transfer products.

Click here to choose their international money transfer product.

Citibank allows Global Transfers and Online Transfers. Click here for more information on their products.

The most convenient way of urgent and instant money transfer is through Western Union since they have more offices than any of the above banks but currency rate from Western Union is not very competitive. Western Union also transfers money online.In certain countries, money can be deposited in a bank account or received in a mobile wallet.



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