Information Related To Mobiles & Recharges In Australia

Mobile & Recharge

Mobile phones :

In Australia ,you can sign a contract for a year or two where you will pay monthly for the handset over the period of contract and also get talk time according to your plan.

Usually, what you pay for the handset is less than the market price if you buy it in outright.

The only drawback is if you break the contract then you have to pay an early exit fee depending on remaining contract term.

Monthly Plans & Recharge:

You can either choose from prepaid and post paid options only if you don’t want to buy handset.

You might get bundle discount if  you bundle your mobile ,broadband and land line services with one service provider.

Below are some service providers in Australia

If you are not with Vodafone, Optus and Telstra ,then before signing up for the service you might want to check if other service providers support MMS and how voice mail works. Some providers don’t support MMS and retrieving voice mail is bit different from major service providers.

  • Vodafone: Usually Vodafone has cheaper plans but Vodafone network is bit poor.
  • Telstra : Telstra is the biggest telecommunication network in Australia. Their plans are expensive and customer service is not that great but network coverage is better than any other telecommunication company.


You can compare mobiles phone plans and recharge options on below websites :

Plan Crunch


Check here  for cheaper service providers for International Calls.

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