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Internet Service Provider:

In Australia, if you would like an internet connection at your address, you can choose plans from month to month or a fixed term contract. If you decide on a fixed term contract some of the set up fees are waived or reduced but if you break the contract then you pay an early exit fee. If you move addresses then some service providers charge you a relocation fee and if phone lines are not installed in your new address you may need to pay an installation fee again.

Set up and installation fees range from AUD$60-AUD$150.

When comparing internet service providers,you should consider the below fees that may be charged by service providers:

1. Set up fee

2. Modem fee

3. Installation fee

4. Relocation fee

5. Exit fee

Remember you can always negotiate the above fees as part of your package.

TPG and DODO are generally the cheapest internet service providers depending on your requirement.

If you don’t want to be stuck in a long term contract then TPG could be the better option.

Dodo :


Telstra :

Optus :

Check here for plan comparisons  from leading internet service providers.

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