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Gas Electricity & Water

Arranging a Gas and Electricity connection in Australia is as easy as just phoning the gas and electricity service provider.

When you move in to a new address make sure you familiarise yourself with the location of the gas and electricity meters and take a photo of the reading on your arrival.

Even if  you want to change the gas and electricity service provider, most of the time your new provider will arrange the transfer from your old provider for you.

Take the time to understand your bill and if you are confused then call your provider to ask for an explanation. Make sure the reading on your first bill is correct.

Most service providers will give you a discount if you have both gas and electricity with them. As part of a contract they will generally also negotiate a discount for the length of the contract. Be aware that as soon as your contract ends the discount will be removed automatically. (For example at the end of a 12 month contract.) Many service providers also have a small discount if you pay on time so it’s recommended to set up direct debit.

Below are some major Gas and Electricity providers in Melbourne and Sydney.


Energy Australia

Lumo Energy


Australian Power & Gas

Compare here  a range of energy plans and rates from leading energy service providers.


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