Modi Mania In Sydney



Around 16000 members of the Indian diaspora attended community reception of Honorable PM of Indian Shri Narendra Modi in Sydney.

Event was also streamed live on YouTube where people were not just watching the speech but also actively discussing the announcements made during the speech.

It ‘s interesting when Prime Minister says “They were happy to make laws. I am happier to remove laws. Let’s open the windows.Let fresh air come in” . This gives the hope of new beginning to make India better. 

Main excerpt from the speech as we understand :

  • 100%direct foreign investment will be allowed in Indian railway .
  • Skill development in India is necessary . Government is mapping skills required in 2020 so that India will export best quality teachers to the world.
  • You certify your own copy. You don’t need gazette officers.Provide originals when you get a job.
  • PIO and OCI card will be merged. Work for merging the PIO and OCI card will be finished before 9th Jan.
  • Indian cultural center in Sydney will be functional by February.
  • Work in progress for providing visa on arrival for Australian visitors in India.
  • There was also frequent mention of empowering youth in India and developing Human Resource in India.
You can watch the complete community reception and speech by Shri Narendra Modi here :

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November 17, 2014 |

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